Welcome to Preston Park Youth Cycle Club. We provide fun, skills and competitive cycling activities with fully qualified coaches at Preston Park Cycle Track and believe that cycling contributes strongly to a sustainable lifestyle. Our club caters for members aged 8 to 18 years, though we have some older and younger members.  We meet between March and October, typically at Preston Park Cycle Track, every Saturday morning. The club also meets less often during the winter months.

Please contact our membership secretary if you wish to be placed on the waiting list for new members.

Book now your Lee Valley and Calshot training sessions for autumn and winter

Book your Lee Valley and Calshot training sessions which are run by PPYCC and hosted on the PPYCC website but are aimed at riders from PPYCC, VCJ, SCRL, Velo Vixens and Brighton Tri. There are a limited numbers of places so early booking is advised.

There are different slots for different groups so carefully read the text, if still unsure email anthony@ppycc.org.uk for further information.


Calling all volunteers interested in coaching at the club

Recently, PPYCC has been looking for volunteers who would be interested in training to coach riders at the club, and join the coaching team for some Saturdays throughout the season. If you have already expressed an interest, or are still thinking that this might be something you would like to take part in, we have a morning planned for you!

Luke Anderson, British Cycling Regional Manager, will be joining me at the track at 10.00am on Saturday 24th September for a quesion and answer session with all those who are thinking about the BC coaching course and would like more information, and a chance to chat about what the course entails and how they may support the club in the future.

Please email me at kim@ppycc.org.uk if you would ike to attend.

PPYCC pop up kit shop returns!

Have you been riding lots or growing fast over the summer?! Are you in need of some new kit? PPYCC’s pop-up shop returns to the velodrome this Saturday, 13th August. All items are available to try on and buy on the day, and we can accept cash or cheque for payment.

Kit available, custom made by Santini, excellent quality:

‘Everyday’ jersey:£25, ‘Everday’ bib shorts: £30.00

Race jersey: £50, Race bib shorts: £60.00

Race suit: £70.00

PPYCC overshoes, socks, leg and arm warmers are also available to buy.


Tom Pugh-Morgan and Luca Stone ride for Team SE England

We are pleased to report that both Luca Stone and Tom Pugh-Morgan were chosen to represent Team SE England at a recent inter-regional event at Lee Valley Road Circuit. A brief race report states that “Luca and Tom were riding for the South East team at the Prudential Youth Grand Prix at Lee Valley last week where everyone finished in a bunch with Tom placed 15th and Luca 18th.” A photo and results follow below.

Tom Pugh-Morgan and Luca Stone

Tom Pugh-Morgan centre right and Luca Stone centre left

Category B
1 Maclaren, Hamish Scotland 18 0:46:10
2 Nilsson-Julien, Oscar London 18 0:46:10
3 Richards, Evan Wales 18 0:46:11
4 Macleod, Euan Central 18 0:46:11
5 Harvey, Innes London 18 0:46:11
6 Stone, Oliver South West 18 0:46:11
7 Pullen, Jamie Surrey 18 0:46:11
8 Kelly, Sam South 18 0:46:11
9 Lazickas, Klaidas Eastern 18 0:46:11
10 Gilbey, Billy London 18 0:46:11
11 Davies, Bryn Wales 18 0:46:12
12 Giles, Owen South 18 0:46:12
13 Medlyn, Sam South West 18 0:46:12
14 Taylor, Euan South 18 0:46:12
15 Pughe-Morgan, Tom South East 18 0:46:12
16 McInnes, Kyle Scotland 18 0:46:12
17 Smith, Bevan Wales 18 0:46:12
18 stone, luca South East 18 0:46:12
19 Dobbing, Lewis North East 18 0:46:12
20 Backus, Euan Central 18 0:46:13
21 Price, Gethin Wales 18 0:46:13
22 Reilly, Hamish South East 18 0:46:13
23 Berry, Sam South West 18 0:46:14
24 Mathews, Angus Scotland 18 0:46:16
25 Boulton, Arthur Central 18 0:46:17
26 Sharpe, Tom London 17 0:46:14
27 Taylor, Jacques South 17 0:46:16
28 Lindo, Tyler South West 17 0:47:21
29 Robinson, Flynn South East 17 0:48:40

Lee Valley coaching session on Saturday 6th August

Anthony is coaching a Lee Valley Velodrome session for the Brighton Tri Club this Sat 6th Aug, and the Tri Club find that they have a few places left.
The session is from 8-10 and Anthony has space for 2 riders and their bikes in his car. If you would like to join the existing 2 PPYCC riders who have already booked then please email anthony@ppycc.org.uk. You need to be able to ride a track bike to take part.
You are also welcome to make your own way there, we believe there may be as many as 5 spare places.  Friends and family may also enquire about taking part, again email Anthony.
To travel with Anthony’s you need to be at his house by 6.15am. The session cost is £20 and there is a £5 fuel contribution.

Riding abroad

Lots of British riders have started their careers by packing a bike and a bag and heading to France to learn their craft.

PPYCC member Etienne Vesey Holt has spent his summer at his Grandmother’s house in the Auvergne where he has been riding twice a week with the hard men of the St Eloy-les-Mines Cycling Club – Chapeau Etienne!