Welcome to Preston Park Youth Cycle Club. We provide fun, skills and competitive cycling activities with fully qualified coaches at Preston Park Cycle Track and believe that cycling contributes strongly to a sustainable lifestyle. Our club caters for members aged 8 to 18 years, though we have some older and younger members.  We meet between March and October, typically at Preston Park Cycle Track, every Saturday morning. The club also meets less often during the winter months.

Please contact our membership secretary if you wish to be placed on the waiting list for new members.

Events coming up for the family in July

Why not visit Herne Hill velodrome on Sunday 2nd July to watch the Youth A and B Track Omnium National Final. PPYCC have their best ever entry of 4 riders at the final with Finn Anderson in the Youth A final and Freddie Newman, Lukas Nerurkar and Rahul Fortescue-Talwar in the Youth B final. Although near central London Herne Hill has a rural aspect and is quiet place in the city to enjoy watching some racing and having a picnic. For ambitious riders you can find out more about the format and standard of top level youth racing. Click for details of start times and location.

Also on the weekend of the 1st and 2nd July there is the Worthing Street Velodrome event. On the Worthing Council website they write “StreetVelodrome is the World’s most accessible cycle sport. It brings all the excitement and drama of Olympic style track pursuit racing right into the heart of your community with its innovative pop up velodrome complete with steep banked corners.

StreetVelodrome is always 100% FREE to take part in. Bikes, helmets and professional coaching is always provided. There are no age limits, you don’t need any expensive equipment, its all provided.”

Find out more about Street Velodrome

Overnight Mountain Bike / Camping trip to Gumber Bothy 9th – 10th September

Overnight Mountain Bike trip to Gumber Bothy National Trust Camping Barn

Saturday 9th – Sunday 10th September

After a break of seven years we are finally returning to Gumber Bothy for an end of summer bunkbarn camping trip.

This is very much a social event with cycling thrown in. We will also be inviting our friends at VC Jubillee and Solent Pirates to join us.

Gumber Bothy, up on the South Downs near Bignor, is a fantastic place to spend the night and we have been lucky enough to secure exclusive access for PPYCC. Check out the website


Just like in 2010 the idea is to arrive on bike by cycling along the South Downs Way. On the Sunday we will cycle home reversing the route. But all are welcome however you arrive. We will use a support vehicle to bring in food, sleeping bags and tents etc. There is no direct vehicular access to the site. The NT will bring our gear in from Slindon village.

The route is almost entirely off road using the South Downs Way but we will ride for about 3 miles on the road. The only busy road section is a one mile ride from Amberley to Houghton which we will ride as a group with PPYCC coaches at the front and rear. The section of the South Downs Way we are riding is bumpy in a lot of places although there are some smooth grassy sections. The main challenge will be the four ascents and descents on route. The full 28 mile route is challenging and we do not recommend that any riders under 10 years or any riders with no mountain bike experience years attempt the full route. We may offer alternative start points at Washington or Amberley for younger riders and tag bike riders if required. Strong parents may be able to manage the whole route pulling a tag bike but it would be a long bumpy day on the back for a child! Experienced riders should be able to manage riding a low geared Cross bike. There is also an option of only riding one of the two legs. All children will need assigned, consented adult supervision.

Below is a download of the route. we will leave from Preston Park around 10am


Bookings can be made by email to charlie@ppycc.org.uk

Cost- £12 per adult and £6 per child

There will be some small extra costs for shared food and petrol etc

Sleeping arrangements -25 bunks in three rooms and room for 16 -20 tents. Sleeping arrangements will be agreed by general consensus once numbers are confirmed.

Fully equipped Kitchen and Wash/ Shower rooms on site.

If you do not have a suitable bike we may be able to lend you one. Just ask

Any questions about contact Charlie Booth or Ed Raynard, Hope to hear from you soon!

Update on Club Sunday Road Rides

After some consultation I have decided not to run any Club Sunday Road Rides for the next three months. The reasons being – We are entering the school exam and holiday season when attendance tends to dip considerably – I am struggling to always find time at present and am away several weekends myself. I know this also applies to the other ride leaders. (I would particularly like to thank Mark Bishop and Duncan Churchill for all the time they have given to the club on recent Sundays)

When we get going again in September I am hoping that we can encourage new faces to come along. The rides are tailored for all club members over 12, parents are also encouraged to come along. Please be in touch with any questions, keep riding- Thanks Charlie

[News of] Our members from the North [West Tour]

Report from the North West Youth Tour following Stage 2
Lukas Nerurkar, Freddie Newman, Rahul FT (all U14) and Luke Goodwill (U12) are all representing PPYCC at the NWYT 2017. This is a 4 event competition, staged over 3 days in Lancashire and like the Grand Tours, riders are placed according to the General Classification. The events are designed to test riders across a variety of abilities, with an individual time trial, hill stage and 2 circuit stages.
Saturday was the first stage, the individual time trial on Morecambe promenade. Following scorching weather, thunderstorms were predicted in the afternoon. On cue, before the PPYCC boys rolled off the starting ramp, thunder rolled and rain poured, making the course wet and slippy, with a hairpin bend half way through, it was time to be more cautious, and this was reflected in the results, with Freddie finishing 16th [perhaps reflecting his cycle-cross skills, given the weather], Rahul 22nd, Lukas 42nd and Luke 20th.
Sunday was the 2nd stage, a long hill climb on a closed road circuit in Lancaster. The weather was perfect, not too hot and dry, but the course was technically difficult, and there were several accidents in the earlier Junior and Youth races, some ending in hospital trips, and we wish all those involved a speedy recovery. Thankfully all our riders finished with no problems, with Freddie putting in a fantastic performance, working on the front of the main group behind the 3 leaders, and finishing 10th! Lukas and Rahul also put in sterling performances, finishing 25th and 28th respectively, whilst Luke rode strongly in the U12’s, finishing 9th.
The boys current GC standings are: Freddie 10th, Lukas 25th, Rahul 28th and Luke 10th.
Wishing the boys every luck for their 3rd and 4th stages, they are all hoping to improve their GC standings tomorrow.

Member’s racing this weekend

With some members racing at the North West Tour, based around Lancaster and Morecambe, we await news of their results. Meanwhile …..
… at Cyclopark in Gravesend members were at the regular Friday night racing.
Josh Ballinger unfortunately had his first crash when several riders went down on the finish sprint.  It was one of those avoidable incidents and the rider responsible, not a PPYCC member, was spoken to by the Commissaire.  Josh is a bit battered and bruised but is more upset about his race suit and that he couldn’t race the next day. The fact that the saddle has been half ripped off and a hood is broken appears to have escaped him.  We have to admire his determination and hope that the parents can accommodate the repair bill! Crashes are part and parcel of cycling and you do not have to be at fault to be involved in one, however those riders who are part of a club, like PPYCC, where regular coaching advice and training is given, are less likely to be the cause of an incident and also reduce their chances of being involved in a crash.
Other members had better fortune; Jacob James was also there and although he didn’t finish in the points he did finish in the bunch which was really good for only his second race there.  Lloyd Costello was racing in the under 16s and we await news of his performance.

View your 1 lap times and the Distance Challenge Standards

We have updated our Activities section of the website so that members can now view their 1 lap times and Distance Challenge Standards from the page TTs – how to, times and standardsThe 1 lap times for Preston Park go back several years and with the inclusion of year of birth you can compare yourself to the equivalent age of other riders who may be younger or older than you.