Winter Activities

Preston Park sessions on Saturday mornings are March to October only. From November to February, younger riders may wish to take up a winter sport but for older riders and those serious to train and race there are a number of opportunities.

Roller and turbo sessions

These are good ways to keep fit for all riders, though they can be hard work. Rollers are especially recommended for younger riders to develop skills of balance, leg speed and pedalling efficiency and the club recommends these over turbos. Rollers are easily taken to events to aid warming up and generally are cheaper than turbos. There are a variety of categorised training activities in this linked Roller and Turbo Sessions document.

Tuesday evenings

18.30 to 20.00 cyclo-cross training at Waterhall below the Brighton Rugby Club astro-turf pitch. There is a charge for this session.

Wednesday evenings

1. sometimes there is an evening chain gang at Preston Park track. This is not run by PPYCC and is recommended only for older, experienced riders with very good bike lights.

2. Some of our members are affiliated to Brighton Excelsior who run a turbo session at the Adur Outdoor Acitivities Centre in Shoreham from 20.00.

Saturday afternoons

There are often turbo/roller training for PPYCC members and families at Preston Park track pavilion. Arrive at 16.00 to set up for a 16.15 start, the session will run until 17.15 allowing 15 minutes for packing up the pavilion. The pavilion is situated beside Preston Park velodrome and accessed from Preston Drove. Their is a charge of £4 members / £5 adults and non-members.

It is absolutely essential that you do not bring a dirty bike into the pavilion so please clean your bike in advance. Also you must have a cover to place between your trainer and the pavilion carpet. This could be a cheap mat, a carpet off-cut, or at the very least a bath towel. Also please clean your shoes on the door mat upon entry.

We have invested in the Suffer Fest video training programmes and new projector equipment to allow this to happen so please come and attend.

Sunday mornings

Road ride for our more experienced members from 09.30 to 12.00. Must be 12 years or older. Rides will follow a format of a fixed route each month for the corresponding weeks e.g. week 1, week 2 of the month. Occasionally we will take part in longer organised rides.

There will be no charge for winter club rides, but the nature of these rides is that a higher level of self-sufficiency is required. This means riders should be capable of safe return if they become separated from the group and that suitable clothing and equipment are used. Thus there should be no new participants without prior agreement. Similarly these are club rides and not coaching sessions, so will aim to be more continuous ride, with limited stopping. Please ensure your bikes are road worthy for winter riding, this includes using tyres that are not worn or suffering cuts and nicks. We are pleased to welcome riders who may not be sure if they are ready for these rides, if they bring their own adult supervisor. In this case, if you become separated, you can proceed home together.