Saturday 24rd

For those staying at the track this Saturday, we will do some of the session on fixed track bikes, so if you have a track bike at home please bring it, as well as your normal bike if possible.

Thanks Andy

9am start for older riders!

Hi All,This Saturday and for the rest of the season PPYCC will have 2 start times!

  • Older and faster riders will start at 9am finishing at 11am .
  • And all others remain at 10am finishing at 12pm.

Rider who will be riding second year Under 12, Under 14, and Under 16 this year would befit from coming to the early start. If you are unsure as to which start time to come to drop me a line and I will advise at Just to give you an idea of the types of rider who should start at 9am, here’s couple of examples: Ted and Ben, Gabriel, Noah.
If you are planning to come at 9am this Saturday please drop me line so I can gauge numbers.
Rider starting at 9am are welcome to stay till 12am if they wish but will have to help out with the smaller riders. Thanks AndyBelow is link to PPYCC new Facebook page.

New Kit Order

I known that we have just received the last kit order, but I have received lots of requests for more! So if you want some more kit you will need to get an order to me asap. The last date for the order will be

Friday 21st November. Click to download the order form. Fill it in and email it to me at I will collect the money when kit arrives. Size guide Bioracer

PPYCC goes to Mildenhall National Grass Track Championships for the August Bank Holiday

By Bridget Allen – Your Mildenhall correspondentThe first PPYCC campers arrived at Mildenhall on Friday afternoon when quickly tents were pitched and  dinner materialised thanks to our very own quartermaster and chef Mark (Anderson). Saturday morning was a family mountain bike to Thetford forest led by Anthony despite being a fun event, competition to stay in the front was hot between Evelyn (Parle) and the young Mustins (Zach and Louis). Saturday also saw Brock competing in the youth  grass track events.Brock pensively preparing for a big final !! Brock thoughtful at the start line.Each afternoon the younger children took part in sports on the track; running, sack and obstacle races, and over the weekend we had medalists in nearly all the age catagories, these races were the highlight of the weekend for some of the younger children. They also enjoyed the free bouncy castle, face painting and puppet show keeping them busy so their parents could enjoy the track racing. Saturday evening we had a great BBQ – thanks Mark.Sunday morning was the cyclo cross event first to go were Joe (Hill) and Cory (Anderson) who came a brillliant 5th and 6th in the under 10s.ppycjc.jpgCory and Joe looking relaxed after the cyclo cross event.Next up were the seniors who ride the cyclo cross as a madison ( in pairs) this saw Anthony (Rogers) riding with his daughter Theo, Andy (Parle) riding with his son Gabriel, Tim Hill riding with Tim Mustin and Brock (Duncomb-Rogers) riding with Neil (MacClelland) The course incorporated the grass track and then disappeared off into some woodland ajoining the campsite. The PPYCC fan club positioned themselves in the wood with a good view of crashes into trees and fallings off (yes, we saw you Anthony and Tim M). The riders did laps of the course changing team member each lap it was fairly difficult to tell where ever one was once the race got going but everyone had good fun and it is fair to say the Brock and Neil were our fastest riders..ppycctheocross.jpg.Theo expertly negociating the cyclo cross course.ppycctmcc.jpg Tim Mustin enjoying the cyclocrossSunday afternoon and the seniors were racing again on the grass track, various events including the World Championships of the Hoop Race, only ever run at Mildenhall, it’s a bit like musical chairs  with no music and no chairs – plastic hoops. Riders circle the track until the whistle blows and then they have to get their back wheel in a hoop. Only one rider per hoop and you can’t go backwards if you over shoot you have to go round again. Gradually hoops are removed and with them riders until there is a winner. It seemed that a lot of cheating was required to suceed in this event. Watch out maybe we will see this event at Preston Park.ppycckids.jpg.Gabe, Theo, Lois, Joe, Niamh, Cory and Joe enjoying watching the racing.Sunday evening and after several servings of pasta and homemade rattouille sauce (yum yum) twelve of us set off to take part in the Mildenhall Rally pub quiz held at the cricket club next door to the campsite. I’d like to report that at least one of our three teams figured in the top five but sadly not; dead politicians not our strong suit.Monday our last day and the big event the team pursuit last year our team of Brock, Anthony, Catherine and Andy came  third so we had a position and our reputation to defend. This year sadly no Catherine she had to go home on Sunday night so Tim Mustin bravely stepped forward to fill the vacant fourth spot in the team.ppyccbums.jpg The Start.   ppycctp4.jpg Go PPYCC GoEveryone was anxious as we drew Mildenhall CC – the host club and previous winners for the heats ( fastest four teams to race for the medal positions) The boys did brilliantly towed round by Brock they placed the fourth fastest time and put out Mildenhall CC. So the race for the bronze medal was against Maldon CC who had posted the third fastest time, race faces on the boys went for it. Tim bravely hanging in for four laps and then letting the others go for the line sadly they didn’t quite make it but they gave Maldon a good race and it was a great result. WELL DONE.So then all that remained was to pack up and go home, tired and smelly having had a thoroughly enjoyable bank holiday weekend. Hope to see you there in 2009 !!What I liked best about Mildenhall:Lois  (age 9) ” My favourite thing was the running races, I won a gold medal.”Evelyn  (age 6) “I liked bouncing on the bouncy castle and eating ice creams.”Gabriel  (age 12) ” The best thing was doing the madison cyclo-cross with my Dad.”Theo  (age12) ” I really enjoyed doing the cyclo cross with my Dad.”Brock (age 15)  “The grass track was amazing, it was the highlight of my year.”Cory (age 8)  “I really enjoyed the duathalon, the cyclo-cross and the kids races.”Niamh (age 12) “Kids sports, they were great.”Dymphna ” I really enjoyed the family ride in Thetford forest.”Tina “I liked eating all the home made cakes.”Bridget “Mark’s cooking.”Andy “The hoop race.”Happy Campers  Happy CampersTo see more photos of the weekend Click here

Club Kit


Milo has some Bio-Racer PPYCC club kit for sale, all in excellent condition.

* short sleeve jersey, size 2 (£10)
* long sleeve jersey, size 2 (£12)
* gilet, size 3 (£8)

I will bring them to the track on Wednesday. Could you please forward
this message to everyone in PPYCC?



Saturday 12th July

This Saturday we will by running an extended road ride starting a 9.00am from Preston Park (Andy and Tim). This is open for riders over 12. Drop me a line if you want to come! Anthony will be running a session for younger riders at Preston Park from 10 to 12. Thanks Andy

Distance Challenge

Below are the results and times from the distance challenge we did on Saturday (21 June). Well done all who took part. An excellent standard was achieved. Special mentions go to the Platinum winners below.

  Name Laps Distance KMs Age Group Time (mm:ss:hh) Award
  Gabriel 18 10.422 U12 21.33.55 Gold
  Theo 18 10.422 U12 25.17.81 Silver
  Nathan 24 13.896 U14 29.21.11 Silver
  Callum 30 17.37 U16 33.29.16 Silver
  William 18 10.422 U12 22.21.08 Gold
  Jack 24 13.896 U14 26.01.09 Gold
  Lee 30 17.37 Junior 29.10.70 Gold
  Daniel 24 13.896 U14 30.50.85 Silver
  Dewi 6 3.474 U8 8.40.74 Platinum
  Corry 6 3.474 U8 9.04.05 Platinum
  Douglas 12 6.948 U10 15.07.37 Platinum
  Wilki 12 6.948 U10 17.33.62 Gold
  Sam 12 6.948 U10 16.50.02 Gold
  Thomas 12 6.948 U10 15.42.54 Platinum
  Fin 12 6.948 U10 17.28.33 Gold
  Lois 12 6.948 U10 17.47.02 Gold