Hill Climb Racing News: a win for Lloyd Costello

Three  PPYCC riders competed in the Butts Lane Hill Climb event at Willingdon last Saturday. There was a field of forty riders with a mix of juvenile, juniors, adults, seniors and veterans.  All three PPYCC riders had a good ride putting in a lot of effort and hard work to reach the summit in a good time.  Observers at the summit, including riders in all categories, were in a state of exhaustion and many collapsed once over the finishing line.
Results for the PPYCC riders are :- Francis Schofield finished 27th with a time of 5.04, James Gilmore 25th with a time of 5.01 and Lloyd Costello 21st with a time of 4.49. We are delighted that Lloyd’s time of 4.49 was the fastest time in the juvenile category giving him first place. Congratulations to Lloyd, and thanks to him, Francis and James for representing the club further afield.

Outer ring Saturday 14th October

Saturday is the penultimate session for the Outer Ring at Preston Park with 21st October seeing riders visit Lee Valley Velodrome, (see details in post earlier this week).

We will continue from last week’s session by continuing to look at winter training and interval sessions. We will run a pyramid session in what may well be the last hot day at the park. Come prepared for all weathers and bring plenty of liquids.

Outer Ring on 21st October [limited availability to ride at Lee Valley Velodrome]

On Saturday 21st of October, 08.00 – 10.00, we have secured a track session at Lee Valley Velodrome alongside Brighton Tri, running two separate groups – youth and adult.

There will be no Outer Ring session at Preston Park that day but there are 12 places available to join us at the velodrome. You do need to pre-commit to this opportunity so if you would like to join us please email Anthony@ppycc.org.uk to be added to the list. The cost for the session is £10 and there is an opportunity to swim or dive in the Olympic pool after. If you need help with transport also let us know.

If oversubscribed we will chose a pool of riders who fit best together to ensure greater safety and maximising the coaching opportunity.

Le Ride, a film about following the route of the 1928 Tour de France!

Anyone else interested in supporting and seeing this film? It could be a PPYCC winter evening social event. We are unclear of the certification but assume a film about cycling around France will not be something that will cause upset. If interested just pledge on the website for the film Le Ride.



Date: Thu, Nov 9, 2017 6:30 PM

Where: Odeon Brighton
Kingswest, West St, Brighton , Brighton, East Sussex, BN1 2RE, United Kingdom


One for parents

Did you know 02-08 October 2017 is Parents in Sport Week? The Child Protection in Sport Unit, (CPSU)  a branch of the NSPPCC, holds information on the importance of parents [not that you needed telling] and their needs; read more here:  https://thecpsu.org.uk/help-advice/topics/parents-in-sport/

With the recent events we have organised we would like to thank all our parents for their continuing support and encourage them and our other volunteers to look as this section on the CPSU website.

You may also wish to let us know if we should have a section of our PPYCC website devoted specifically to parents. Email your thoughts to anthony@ppycc.org.uk who will pass it on to our coach Mark Aberdour who has alerted us to this material and the potential need for updating our website.

Hill Climb TT on the iconic Ditchling Beacon

We would like to encourage our racing members to enter the Sussex Nomads Time Trial Hill Climb at Ditchling Beacon on Sunday 29th October. Unusually we are encouraging members to take part even though our second Cycle-cross event is on the same day.

The early start of the Hill Climb gives riders a chance to travel to our Cross event to either race or help later the same day. To this end the Hill Climb promoter is Alex Beyfus, who is the mechanic for our club on Saturday mornings and who is joining our Cross race to help as First Aid support after his own promotion ends.

You will need parental permission and to be 12 years or older. For further information use this link: 2017 Sussex Nomads Cycling Club HC details

ps. You have to enter by 17th October.

Cross-race report

If you look at our Face Book page you will see much more about yesterday’s cross race, however there was much excitement, less bad weather than expected and some success for our riders in a discipline where we are not so commonly on the podium.

With over 30 volunteers we showed an impressive club and community spirit and thanks to all those that contributed in some way.

We await sight of the official results but, congratulations to podium finishers Tom Pughe-Morgan and Freddie Newman and maybe others.

Unusually we had a first aid incident in the Senior race with the injured party being ex-member ,23 year old, Patrick Hough. Patrick’s mother Liz said

“Thanks for being in touch about Patrick. Unfortunately he has a hairline fracture of the fibia and will be out for about six weeks. He’s fine, and gone back up to London today with a sack full of painkillers! “
PPYCC say best wishes for a speedy recovery Patrick .

Cross volunteer roles and briefing notes

Hi Volunteers, Thanks for your support, for Sunday’s cross event please see advice below; and attached for Signing On. There is a list of volunteers, roles and timings below which hopefully does not contradict other missives we have recently posted. Anthony


  • Parking is difficult, consider parking in the surrounding residential area
  • Marshalls need to:
    • Be in position in time for the start of each race they are marshalling.
    • Check the course markings remains intact [have some barrier tape to hand].
    • Check riders keep to the course, note rider’s numbers (on a phone or paper) who make infringements to the rules i.e. leave the course, behave dangerously or discourteously.
    • Be polite to the public and help them to negotiate their way through the park, pointing out the recommended routes, especially dog walkers.
    • Notify the first aider of any first aid incidents. Alex Beyfus 07717310168, Paul Wilson
    • Report to the organiser, or Commissaire any incidents. Note rider numbers if relevant.
  • Signing on stewards:
    • Please read the attached instructions, these will be available in paper format on the day.
  • Setting up/Setting down:
    • Setting up is time pressurised and so it is a case of ‘all hands on deck.’ Setting up poles, pegs and barrier tape to mark the course throughout the park. This takes some time and so must start early to be ready for the first race at 10.00
    • Setting down is more relaxed other than people want to get home, any additional help here is welcome. Setting up needs the Under 12s course to be completed first, and this will be a part of the adult course with slight variations. Barrier tape does unroll from the box such that it can be located between the fence poles in a spiral, hence cheating the wind. As far as I know you need special training for this as few people can do it.

PPYCC Happy Valley Cross Race volunteer rota

Sunday 1st October 2017

Role Times Volunteer name Volunteer name Volunteer name
Promoter All day Anthony Rogers
Course designer All day Alan Newman
Setting up 08.30 to 10.30 1. Neil Costello 2. Ollie Phillips 3. Tobias Bunyan
Setting up 08.30 to 10.30 4. Stewie Martin 5. Jenny Martin 6. Joseph Martin
Setting up 08.30 to 10.30 7. Richard Gilmore 8. Ed Raynard 9. Mark Bishop
Setting up 08.30 to 10.30 10. Paul Wilson 11. Archie Raynard 12. Lukas Nerurkar
13. Adam Churchill 14. Freddie Newman 15. Rahul FT
Setting down 15.00 – 16.30 1. Justina PM 2. Anthony Rogers 3. Alan Newman
Setting down 15.00 – 16.30 4. Paul Wilson 5. Rob Kovacs 6. Freddie Newman
Setting down 15.00 – 16.30 7. Adam Churchill 8. Rahul FT 9. Kim FT
Marshalling 1 10.00 – 12.00 1. Teresa Tamplin 2. Natasha Hannah 3. John Ballinger
Marshalling 1 10.00 – 12.00 4.  Rahul FT 5. Simon Tamplin 6. John Ballinger
Marshalling 2 11.30 – 15.15 1. Rob Kovacs [from 12.00] 2. Steve Noake 3. Mark Bishop
Marshalling 2 11.30 – 15.15 4. X 5. John Ballinger 6. Rahul FT
Marshalling 2 11.30 – 15.15 7. Josh Ballinger 8. Richard Gilmore 9. Lloyd Costello
Marshalling 2 11.30 – 15.15 10. Freddie Newman 11. Tom PM 12. James Gilmore
Recording laps 1 10.00 – 12.00 1. Justina PM 2. Anthony Rogers 3.
Recording laps 2 11.45 – 15.15 1. Justina PM 2. Alex Beyfus 3.
Signing on 09.00 to 14.00 1. Kim FT 2. Esther Polden 3. Helen Clarke
Prize allocation 10.00 to 15.00 1. Kim FT 2. Esther Polden 3. Helen Clarke
Catering All day 1. Charlie Booth 2. Archie Raynard [to 12pm] 3. Jojo from 12pm
First Aid 09.30 – 15.00 1. Alex Beyfus 2. Paul Wilson

Cycle-Cross tomorrow has 323 pre-entries!

Here are pre-entry numbers for tomorrow and also a note two say hat it looks like it will rain all day! Come prepared and remember we give our volunteers free snacks so just tell Charlie and his crew what job you are doing and you will be rewarded with Infinity Foods snacks and other delicacies.

Coded below are our 323 pre-entries and above that entries from PPYCC. Codes relate to gender and age [with U being under]. Prizes go to the first 3 in each category and the League sponsors Kinesis will also have some flags flying.

Aidan Beattie
Sebastian Boulton
Stanley Wilson
Joshua Ballinger
Adam Churchill
Tom Pughe-Morgan
Frederick Newman

U10B – 11

U10G – 7

U12B – 20

U12G – 8

U14B – 18

U14G – 8

U16B – 15

U16G – 9

JM – 4

SM – 64

40M – 98

50M – 39

JW – 2

SW – 10

40W – 7

50W – 3


Total 323