Outer Ring on Saturday 2nd September

On Saturday Outer Ring session will be a distance challenge, this means you may wish to bring rollers if you have them. This will also be a good time to practice your track stands as the Distance Challenge limits the time you can spend on the track.

If you are Youth A please feel free to bring aero bars, but in for all age groups please use bikes which meet British Cycling regulations for your age group. If unsure about this please just message Anthony, but essentially aero bars are for Youth A and older only, and those below Youth A are restricted to wheels with a maximum rim depth of 35mm.

Distance Challenge times for each age group and both boys and girls can be viewed on our website here.

Please note we have retired track bikes on Saturday mornings until next year.

Like Triathlon – complete this survey

Recent member Charlotte Matthews, daughter of coach Rex Matthews, is looking to PPYCC members to help her with a research project she is doing for her A level P.E. Charlotte says – 

Hello, my name is Charlotte, I am 17 years old and a member of Brighton Phoenix athletics/triathlon club. From the age of 10 I have competed in triathlon events across the country. I am gathering responses from a survey I have created to make a video, as part of a college project, to help young triathletes with transitions. Thank you for taking the time to complete the survey, which should take no longer than 5 minutes.

As part of the project, I am making a video for young triathletes, focusing on the skills involved in transitions. As part of my research prior to the video, I am gathering anonymous responses from a survey I have created via SurveyMonkey. The survey focuses on what aspects of triathlons members enjoy most and their abilities/ confidence in the transition aspects. The survey itself should take approximately 3-5 minutes to complete.” 
Thank you,
Charlotte Matthews 

PPYCC and Outer Ring – special cycling weekend

With the start of the Tour de France this weekend we enter what is the peak of our cycling summer, noticeably so with 4 of our riders racing in the Youth Omnium National Final at Herne Hill this weekend. We wish well to Finn Anderson in the Youth A and to Freddie Newman, Lukas Nerurkar and Rahul Fortescue-Talwar in the Youth B. Racing at Herne Hill starts at 11.00 and if you fancy a nice weekend day out why not make this your destination on Sunday.

For those of you staying closer to home in the Outer Ring in we will be trying to complete our match sprinting coaching session which was interrupted by rain last weekend.

Events coming up for the family in July

Why not visit Herne Hill velodrome on Sunday 2nd July to watch the Youth A and B Track Omnium National Final. PPYCC have their best ever entry of 4 riders at the final with Finn Anderson in the Youth A final and Freddie Newman, Lukas Nerurkar and Rahul Fortescue-Talwar in the Youth B final. Although near central London Herne Hill has a rural aspect and is quiet place in the city to enjoy watching some racing and having a picnic. For ambitious riders you can find out more about the format and standard of top level youth racing. Click for details of start times and location.

Also on the weekend of the 1st and 2nd July there is the Worthing Street Velodrome event. On the Worthing Council website they write “StreetVelodrome is the World’s most accessible cycle sport. It brings all the excitement and drama of Olympic style track pursuit racing right into the heart of your community with its innovative pop up velodrome complete with steep banked corners.

StreetVelodrome is always 100% FREE to take part in. Bikes, helmets and professional coaching is always provided. There are no age limits, you don’t need any expensive equipment, its all provided.”

Find out more about Street Velodrome