Train as a PPYCC Young Volunteer in October half-term

British Cycling offers members the opportunity to attend a free course to become a club volunteer and gain certification for supporting the club which can also be counted towards the Duke of Edinburgh Award. The Cycling Award for Young Volunteers is aimed at 14 – 16 years olds and provides good developmental progression for individuals within sport but based on non-physical attributes.

The club is targeting the next course in October on Monday 23rd October at Cyclopark in Kent. With several members already committed to attending we hope to get a high turnout of volunteers who can then work their way through the award by supporting our activities at the club.

With the club promoting two cyclo-cross races, a club road racing championships and an AGM through October and November there is plenty of opportunity to start volunteering.

Members, why not enrol on the course alongside one or more club friends and then share the travel to the course?

To enrol use this link: 

To find out more refer to this leaflet: CAYV FAQ or speak to an existing club volunteer.

The CAYV allows older members to apply to be part of British Cycling’s National Youth Committee. Past member Josh Fanner held this distinction for two years regularly attending events organised at the National Cycling Centre and elsewhere.

Jojo Martin establishes new club record

PPYCC has no official record recognition but we are now introducing them due to the exploits of members this season. Initially anyone that wishes to claim a club record needs to submit to the PPYCC Committee the record you wish to claim and evidence of its achievement. Any claim will need to be in an event which uses qualified Timers.

We are initially aware of the following two club records.

PPYCC Member’s 10 mile TT Record

Joseph Martin 21.53 GHS regional championships Steyning, June 2017

PPYCC Member’s 25 mile TT Record

Joseph Martin 56.38 at the Southern Counties championships August 2017

A New PPYCC Distance Challenge

In a week where we have seen some amazing endurance exploits we introduce a new Distance Challenge for riders in the Under 14 and Under 16 categories. This is the 10 Mile Distance Challenge and results from the first [and future] attempts can be seen in our Activities section in the TT page or by using the link below.

We would like to congratulate the first riders who attempted this new challenge and particularly those who are from the Under 12 category who all achieved the Under 14 benchmark.

Preston Park 10 mile distance challenge times for Under 14s and Under 16s (new for 2017)


Cyclo-cross seasons starts at Stanmer Park tomorrow

Brighton Excelsior host Round 1 of the new cycle-cross season at Stanmer Park tomorrow. They always put on a good show so turn up to race, to cheer on or to just feast on the goodies they sell [too cheaply, but don’t tell them, shhhh keep it quiet].

Local bike company Upgrade, who make Kinesis bikes are making a big deal of the prize presentations so why not make it a family day in Stanmer Park.

Full details at LondonXLeague.


10:00 UNDER 10 BOYS
Male – Born 2008 or later
10:00 UNDER 10 GIRLS
Female – Born 2008 or later
10:20 UNDER 12 BOYS
Male – Born 2006-2007
10:20 UNDER 12 GIRLS
Female – Born 2006-2007
Male – Born 2004-2005
Female – Born 2004-2005
Male – Born 2002-2003
Female – Born 2002-2003
11:50 VET40 MEN
Male – Born 1968-1977
Male – Born 2000-2001
Female – Born 2000-2001
13:05 VET40 WOMEN
Female – Born 1968-1977
13:05 VET50 WOMEN
Female – Born 1967 or earlier
Female – Born 1999 or earlier
13:05 VET50 MEN
Male – Born 1967 or earlier
Male – Born 1999 or earlier


Outer Ring on Saturday 2nd September

On Saturday Outer Ring session will be a distance challenge, this means you may wish to bring rollers if you have them. This will also be a good time to practice your track stands as the Distance Challenge limits the time you can spend on the track.

If you are Youth A please feel free to bring aero bars, but in for all age groups please use bikes which meet British Cycling regulations for your age group. If unsure about this please just message Anthony, but essentially aero bars are for Youth A and older only, and those below Youth A are restricted to wheels with a maximum rim depth of 35mm.

Distance Challenge times for each age group and both boys and girls can be viewed on our website here.

Please note we have retired track bikes on Saturday mornings until next year.

Like Triathlon – complete this survey

Recent member Charlotte Matthews, daughter of coach Rex Matthews, is looking to PPYCC members to help her with a research project she is doing for her A level P.E. Charlotte says – 

Hello, my name is Charlotte, I am 17 years old and a member of Brighton Phoenix athletics/triathlon club. From the age of 10 I have competed in triathlon events across the country. I am gathering responses from a survey I have created to make a video, as part of a college project, to help young triathletes with transitions. Thank you for taking the time to complete the survey, which should take no longer than 5 minutes.

As part of the project, I am making a video for young triathletes, focusing on the skills involved in transitions. As part of my research prior to the video, I am gathering anonymous responses from a survey I have created via SurveyMonkey. The survey focuses on what aspects of triathlons members enjoy most and their abilities/ confidence in the transition aspects. The survey itself should take approximately 3-5 minutes to complete.” 
Thank you,
Charlotte Matthews 

PPYCC and Outer Ring – special cycling weekend

With the start of the Tour de France this weekend we enter what is the peak of our cycling summer, noticeably so with 4 of our riders racing in the Youth Omnium National Final at Herne Hill this weekend. We wish well to Finn Anderson in the Youth A and to Freddie Newman, Lukas Nerurkar and Rahul Fortescue-Talwar in the Youth B. Racing at Herne Hill starts at 11.00 and if you fancy a nice weekend day out why not make this your destination on Sunday.

For those of you staying closer to home in the Outer Ring in we will be trying to complete our match sprinting coaching session which was interrupted by rain last weekend.