Tomorrow: Interval training AND PPYCC Bobble Hats!!

Tomorrow’s interval session plan returns to Session1 of the rolling winter training plan. As for previous sessions, the track is not booked, there are no session fees and there may be other people using the track. So come prepared for whatever the weather and whoever the company with your road bike.

Tomorrow’s session

NB. Remember to concentrate and ride safely, other people are allowed to use the track and the gates will not be locked. Tomorrow there will not be a club coach to supervise the sessions, although senior club riders will be there to support timings during the session.

Warm up: 10 minutes in a middle to low gear,  pedalling with high cadence. Small ring, middle of your cassette, perhaps 39 x 17 or 19. As the warm up progresses avoid changing gear but pedals fast. This can result in good pedalling technique and be quite taxing.

Main session: 4 x 10 minute efforts with a 2 minute rest. For the efforts pedal at 90 x 110 rpm cadence so that you are well on top of your gear. You need to maintain an effort where after the first 4 minutes you no longer wish to hold a conversation. To communicate with other riders you should not wish to say more than a quick word. For the rests freewheel and then pedal gently in a low effort.

Cool down with gentle pedalling until your breathing has returned to normal. This is typically 5 minutes.

Total cycling time: 63 minutes

Also tomorrow, just in time for the winter chill, the new, hand knitted, PPYCC BOBBLE HATS will be available to buy before and after the interval session. Availability is limited so be first in line with £10.00 to ensure you will be wearing the PPYCC colours whilst keeping warm this winter! .

These hats have been expertly knitted by Aidan Beattie’s Grandmother, a very big thank you for her time and skill! All proceeds go to supporting PPYCC.

Saturday 18th Nov : PPYCC AGM and Awards

Less than a week to go until the PPYCC AGM and prize giving! This will be held at 3.00pm on Saturday 18th November at Knoyle Hall, Knoyle Road, Brighton.

We will be celebrating another successful year at the club, and awarding riders for their racing and motivation throughout the year.

We will also have:

RAFFLE, with great cycling prizes



CAKE! – any cake donations for the evening would be very gratefully received, many thanks!


Don’t forget your purses for those must have purchases on the night!

We look forward to seeing you all there!

PPYCC AGM is coming up!

Just a quick reminder to all our riders and parents that the PPYCC AGM and prize-giving is on Saturday 18th November 2017, from 3.00pm at Knoyle Hall.

It would be great to see as many of you there that are able to make it, we have a fun afternoon planned, with a lots of prizes including Club Championship medals and special Club awards!

Also bike jumble, cakes and cycling quiz with prizes to look forward to!

We look forward to seeing you there!

PPYCC Young Volunteers

A big well done and thank you to Adam Churchill, Josh Ballinger, Lloyd Costello and Rahul Fortescue Talwar, who completed a Cycling Award for Young Volunteers (CAYV) study day on Monday.

The British Cycling CAYV programme supports young people to build their leadership and communication skills in a practical environment, and provides them with the opportunity to develop a broad range of skills across a varied range of roles and activities within cycling.

By volunteering time to the club, Adam, Josh, Lloyd and Rahul will be supporting the rest of PPYCC’s volunteer team to continue to provide excellent cycling opportunities to our riders! They are all motivated to gain their Gold CAYV Award, in total providing 36 hours of volunteering each.

PPYCC AGM & AWARDS: Sat 18th November, 2017

Our Saturday morning track sessions are almost over for this year but there’s still plenty more you definitely won’t want to miss over the winter!!

The PPYCC AGM and Prize giving will be held on Saturday 18th November at Knoyle Hall from 3.00pm – 5.00pm. This is our annual opportunity to celebrate another brilliant season and all of our riders successes, meet friends, eat cake, buy kit and equipment and swap bike stuff at the bike jumble!

We hope that everyone can make it and celebrate everything PPYCC, we look forward to seeing you there!

Inner AND Outer Ring this weekend 23rd Sept.

Both the Inner and Outer Ring sessions will be running as normal this weekend. As we  have our annual Club Championships coming up next weekend at Cyclopark, Gravesend, this week we will be focusing on group riding in both sessions, in addition there will be some endurance training for the Outer Ring.

Please ensure you come with warm layers and a waterproof jacket, the current forecast shows some showers around 11ish, with luck they will bypass Brighton and leave us dry, but always best to be prepared!

Looking forward to seeing you all tomorrow!

NO Outer Ring session this Saturday 9th September

As previously advertised, PPYCC has an overnight trip this weekend, and therefore there will be NO Outer Ring session this weekend. However, if you are not joining the trip, we can suggest some Saturday morning cycling alternatives!!……

  1. Ride some laps/join PPYCC friends for some training at the Velodrome 10.30-11.30 until……This week is British Science week, and science journalist Max Glaskin is leading a cycling science ride, ending at Preston Park Velodrome for some experiments investigating tyre rolling resistance and air resistance. This will include a rider on a recumbent bike who will be challenging riders to keep up with him on their upright bikes!

All PPYCC members are very welcome to join the experiments, which will be held 11.30-12 noon at the Velodrome.

2. Join PPYCC for some, or all, of the mountain bike ride to Gumber Bothy (you will need to be able to get back without the club later in the day if you are not joining the overnight stay)

3. Organise your own road ride with PPYCC friends (only with parental permission)


Congratulations to Tom and Lukas on their Everest challenge

Together, Tom and Lukas have ridden beyond the top of Everest and into the stars!

Yesterday, at 5am, club members Tom Pughe-Morgan and Lukas Nerurkar began their epic Everest challenge on Ditching Beacon, the youngest riders to have taken on this challenge. They were raising money for young people in Nepal, and to complete the challenge they needed to repeat the Beacon climb 65 times, taking as much time as they needed, but without any sleep in between! Tom and Lukas completed a total of 95 reps between them, Tom finishing 65 reps, a total of 11,480m of climbing, with Lukas completing 32 reps, approx. 5,000m. Lukas had to make a difficult decision to stop halfway through his ride because of being unwell, but was able to recover sufficiently to join Tom on his final climb of the day.

Lukas (left) Tom (right)

Descending and ascending at sunrise (Tom-left, Lukas-right)

The boys were supported by Ross McKraken from Proper Cycling during the day, in the early morning and late evening he escorted them up and down the Beacon to ensure their safety and visibility, as well as providing technical and moral support!

A rest in the Proper car after 40 reps!

Tom and Lukas had a fantastic amount of support from their parents and friends throughout the day, with fellow club members riding many of the reps with them, giving them encouragement, support and friendship all the way!

Tom with PPYCC friends at the top of the Beacon

Tom and Lukas on the final climb, and the evidence to prove it!

Tom and Lukas, and their parents, would like to say a massive thank you to all their friends, relatives and club coaches and riders who provided so much support throughout the day (and into the night!), and a very big thank you to everyone for their donations via the Just Giving page.

Tom’s ride has been submitted and awaiting verification prior to inclusion on the official Everesting website-