Inner AND Outer Ring this weekend 23rd Sept.

Both the Inner and Outer Ring sessions will be running as normal this weekend. As we  have our annual Club Championships coming up next weekend at Cyclopark, Gravesend, this week we will be focusing on group riding in both sessions, in addition there will be some endurance training for the Outer Ring.

Please ensure you come with warm layers and a waterproof jacket, the current forecast shows some showers around 11ish, with luck they will bypass Brighton and leave us dry, but always best to be prepared!

Looking forward to seeing you all tomorrow!

NO Outer Ring session this Saturday 9th September

As previously advertised, PPYCC has an overnight trip this weekend, and therefore there will be NO Outer Ring session this weekend. However, if you are not joining the trip, we can suggest some Saturday morning cycling alternatives!!……

  1. Ride some laps/join PPYCC friends for some training at the Velodrome 10.30-11.30 until……This week is British Science week, and science journalist Max Glaskin is leading a cycling science ride, ending at Preston Park Velodrome for some experiments investigating tyre rolling resistance and air resistance. This will include a rider on a recumbent bike who will be challenging riders to keep up with him on their upright bikes!

All PPYCC members are very welcome to join the experiments, which will be held 11.30-12 noon at the Velodrome.

2. Join PPYCC for some, or all, of the mountain bike ride to Gumber Bothy (you will need to be able to get back without the club later in the day if you are not joining the overnight stay)

3. Organise your own road ride with PPYCC friends (only with parental permission)


Congratulations to Tom and Lukas on their Everest challenge

Together, Tom and Lukas have ridden beyond the top of Everest and into the stars!

Yesterday, at 5am, club members Tom Pughe-Morgan and Lukas Nerurkar began their epic Everest challenge on Ditching Beacon, the youngest riders to have taken on this challenge. They were raising money for young people in Nepal, and to complete the challenge they needed to repeat the Beacon climb 65 times, taking as much time as they needed, but without any sleep in between! Tom and Lukas completed a total of 95 reps between them, Tom finishing 65 reps, a total of 11,480m of climbing, with Lukas completing 32 reps, approx. 5,000m. Lukas had to make a difficult decision to stop halfway through his ride because of being unwell, but was able to recover sufficiently to join Tom on his final climb of the day.

Lukas (left) Tom (right)

Descending and ascending at sunrise (Tom-left, Lukas-right)

The boys were supported by Ross McKraken from Proper Cycling during the day, in the early morning and late evening he escorted them up and down the Beacon to ensure their safety and visibility, as well as providing technical and moral support!

A rest in the Proper car after 40 reps!

Tom and Lukas had a fantastic amount of support from their parents and friends throughout the day, with fellow club members riding many of the reps with them, giving them encouragement, support and friendship all the way!

Tom with PPYCC friends at the top of the Beacon

Tom and Lukas on the final climb, and the evidence to prove it!

Tom and Lukas, and their parents, would like to say a massive thank you to all their friends, relatives and club coaches and riders who provided so much support throughout the day (and into the night!), and a very big thank you to everyone for their donations via the Just Giving page.

Tom’s ride has been submitted and awaiting verification prior to inclusion on the official Everesting website-




PPYCC Overnight mountain bike and camping trip September 9th-10th September

Overnight Mountain Bike trip to Gumber Bothy National Trust Camping Barn

As we have previously posted, the PPYCC Gumber Bothy trip is coming up next weekend, and there are still places available to join us all for a fantastic club event. Please could you email Charlie if you would like to join the trip- Full information below. Please could all those who have already indicated they would like to come email Charlie as well to ensure we have everyone’s details.

Saturday 9th – Sunday 10th September

After a break of seven years we are finally returning to Gumber Bothy for an end of summer bunkbarn camping trip.

This is very much a social event with cycling thrown in. We will also be inviting our friends at VC Jubillee and Solent Pirates to join us.

Gumber Bothy, up on the South Downs near Bignor, is a fantastic place to spend the night and we have been lucky enough to secure exclusive access for PPYCC. Check out the website

Just like in 2010 the idea is to arrive on bike by cycling along the South Downs Way. On the Sunday we will cycle home reversing the route. But all are welcome however you arrive. We will use a support vehicle to bring in food, sleeping bags and tents etc. There is no direct vehicular access to the site. The NT will bring our gear in from Slindon village. There will be a drop off point on Friday for any kit you would like transported to the Bothy, time and place to be confirmed next week

The route is almost entirely off road using the South Downs Way but we will ride for about 3 miles on the road. The only busy road section is a one mile ride from Amberley to Houghton which we will ride as a group with PPYCC coaches at the front and rear. The section of the South Downs Way we are riding is bumpy in a lot of places although there are some smooth grassy sections. The main challenge will be the four ascents and descents on route. The full 28 mile route is challenging and we do not recommend that any riders under 10 years or any riders with no mountain bike experience years attempt the full route. We may offer alternative start points at Washington or Amberley for younger riders and tag bike riders if required. Strong parents may be able to manage the whole route pulling a tag bike but it would be a long bumpy day on the back for a child! Experienced riders should be able to manage riding a low geared Cross bike. There is also an option of only riding one of the two legs. All children will need assigned, consented adult supervision. We will have vehicular support, if for any reason enroute anyone finds they are unable to complete the journey and needs picking up.

Below is a download of the route. we will leave from Preston Park around 10am

Bookings can be made by email to

Cost- £12 per adult and £6 per child

Everest challenge postponed until Thursday because of the British summer!

Tom and Lukas have made the decision to postpone their Everest challenge until Thursday, 31st August, due to heavy rain forecast for tomorrow.

Tom and Lukas will be starting their challenge at 5am on Thursday, supported by fellow club members, friends and family, with technical and cycling support from Proper Cycling. If you are in the area, please go and give them a cheer on the day, any support would be very gratefully received, especially encouraging cheers (or maybe even joining them for an climb or 2!) later on in the afternoon as they start to feel the miles!

Thank you to everyone who has already visited their Just Giving page, raising money for Young People in Nepal who are less advantaged, if you would like to sponsor Tom and Lukas, please visit their Just Giving page

Good luck Tom and Lukas!


PPYCC members take on Everest challenge to raise money for charity

On Wednesday 30th August  PPYCC members Tom Pughe-Morgan (age 14) from Plumpton Green and Lukas Nerurkar (age 13) from Hangleton, both keen cyclists who have competed in regional and national road and track competitions throughout the season, are attempting an Everest challenge on Ditchling Beacon.

What is Everesting?– Everesting involves riding repeatedly up a single hill until a total climb equivalent to the height of Everest is achieved (8848 meters). This equates to more than 60 climbs of Ditchling Beacon. It must be done in one session – you can have as many breaks as you like but not stop to sleep. Tom and Lukas have been practicing, below are pictures from their recent effort of 20 Beacon climbs!

 Smiling at the top of the Beacon!

Tom and Lukas will be starting at 5am on 30th August. The boys are hoping to complete the challenge in approximately 15 hours.

Tom and Lukas will be supported by fellow club members, friends and family, with technical and cycling support from Proper Cycling. If you are in the area, please go and give them a cheer on the day, any support would be very gratefully received, especially encouraging cheers (or maybe even joining them for an climb or 2!) later on in the afternoon as they start to feel the miles!

They are raising funds for ‘Nepal Youth Foundation’  as they would like to do something to help other young people less fortunate than themselves in Nepal, the location of the real Mount Everest.

To sponsor please visit their Just Giving page

Good luck Tom and Lukas!


PPYCC Racing news

National Youth Circuit series
Last Sunday hosted the final round of the British Cycling National Youth Circuit Series at Olivers Mount International Motorcycle Circuit, Scarborough. The circuit has a top and bottom split. The climb back up Olivers Mount is very tough, twice as steep as Ditchling Beacon but thankfully only about 250m long but then continues to drag uphill a further 300m to the finish.

U12 boys ready for the start of their race, the background of the picture gives an idea of the altitude!

There is nothing quite like it in any other Youth race in the UK and as well as being a National Series event it attracts riders from Scotland, Wales and Brighton for that very reason.

Luke taking a corner in the U12’s

PPYCC was represented by Luke Goodwill in the U12’s and Lukas Nerurkar in the U14’s. Luke says that the course was not technically difficult, but this was more than made up for in effort with the killer hill! The racing was fast!

A huge congratulations to Luke, who came 3rd overall in the race, the best position achieved by a PPYCC rider in the series this year!

Luke claiming his prize!

Velo Club Venta Summer Criterium

PPYCC second claim member George Pittock continued his recent good form with victory at the latest Velo Club Venta Summer Criterium U16 Boys race at Winchester on Sunday.

With a smaller entry than usual, because of holidays and the Scarborough nationals, the organisers ran the U14 and U16 races together.  George, “fresh” from his own holiday and some big climbs in the French Alps, felt confident and attacked on the second of 20 laps.  Nobody went with him and George settled back into the bunch, never lower than second or third wheel, and occasionally attacking off the front.

George made a decisive move with two and a half laps to go and opened up a significant gap.  The chasing group were unable to close the gap and George came home for a memorable victory ahead of Matthew Houlberg and Owen Giles in second and third respectively and both of Portsmouth North End CC.

George (middle) claiming 1st prize!