Club bike loans

We loan club bikes with a priority going to members who are wanting to race them. The expectation is that they turn up each Saturday and are used for racing on Wednesday evenings if appropriate. If you have a bike and know that you will not be able to use them for a week or two we would be grateful if you left them at the track for others to use. As it is the new season we also expect that bikes have been checked over and are in good working order. Below is a list of names of those riders we believe have bikes. Would you please send an email to confirming that the details are correct or otherwise. Anthony knows he loaned three bikes two weeks ago and neglected to record the details. Anyone with a club bike whose details are not below are also asked to email Anthony with the details. Bianchi road Frank Shepherd, Decathlon 7.1 sport  Blue white red Stanley Abbott Stacey, Decathlon Road BLUE Izzy White, Decathlon Road Blue white red Sam Buchanan, Decathlon Road Hamish Graydon, Decathlon  Road Blue whitered Ben Battle, Decathlon  Road Blue white red Sam of Lowther Road, Dolan track red blue grey Laura Cheesman, Dolan Cross bike Black Noah  Ridgway-Brown, Dolan Cross bike Black Jack OB, Dolan Cross bike Black Jack Hoyle, Dolan  Cross bike Black Joe  Hill, Felt Road Red George Turner, Felt Road Red Katy Jones, Felt Road Red Milo Mergler, Fuji track grey Celia Jenkins, Fuji track grey Laura Cheesman, Fuji track Grey Noah  Ridgway-Brown, Giant Road Grey/red Nicholas Wickens, Giant Road Grey/red Stanley Shepherd, Peugeot Road Yellow Louie Dalmon, Peugeot Road Sam Burgess, Peugeot Road Red Alex Fernandez, Ruxley track Blue  Joe  Hill, Ruxley  track Blue Laura Cheesman, Specialized track brown , Surosa Road Silver Rahul Fortescue, Tornado Red Monty Jackson