Author: Anthony Rogers

Outer Ring Track bikes 22nd June

The fourth and final of our sprint sessions sees us returning to practice Starts, as last week, and recording another 1 lap time. Check your times from last week so you can see if you improve; with light winds forecast the morning looks set for good times. We will have ago at Standing 200m sprints,…
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1 Lap TT Times from today

For those of you lucky enough to catch the sunshine today in the Outer Ring you can now view your 1 lap times on our website here: 1 lap times

Outer Ring Saturday 15th June – hooray good weather

We return to track bikes tomorrow to continue the theme of sprinting and short time trials. We will practice some starts and record some 1 lap times, if you have any rollers please bring those and we can practice using them too.

Outer ring on Saturday 8th June

Due to the current removal of one half of the pair of large metal gates to the track we are unable to secure the track to use track bikes. Therefore this Saturday we will be using road bikes for our Outer Ring session. Please arrive early to sign on and be ready to start your…
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Lee Valley Velodrome Track Session

The Brighton Tri Club have offered PPYCC members, and friends and family of members to join with them at the Lee Valley Velodrome next Sunday 9th June from 09.00 to 11.00. This is a regular invite and many of our members have taken part before. You need to already be confident on riding an indoor…
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Youth racing at Hove Park next week

We are informed by the Brighton Mitre that their race at Hove Park has plenty of entry places in the Youth categories. Hove Park is a great place to start racing, if you have not taken part in a road race before. With a hill and downhill every 1km there is plenty of excitement and…
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Outer ring Sat 18th May

We will continue with the sprinting theme that we started last week. Track bikes.

Outer Ring Saturday 11th May

With our own promotion in the SE Youth Omnium Series on Sunday we will be focusing on not wearing out any of our riders who are competing and so will be using track bikes but focusing on skills, most notably sprinting.

Help needed tomorrow morning [Sat 11th May]

Club parent Simon Tamplin needs some help tomorrow morning from 09.00 at the track side from parents who are watching on and waiting for their children during the inner ring and outer ring sessions. Simon is moving one of the shipping containers using a tirfor, no special skills or equipment are needed but a bit…
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Outer ring this Saturday – weather dictates road bikes

With currently a ‘heavy showers’ forecast for Saturday it is unlikely we will be able to use track bikes, even if the day proves fine. Thus, we are going to run a road bike session, so leave your track bikes at home.Come prepared to ride lots of laps, remember your rain coats and of course…
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