Author: Anthony Rogers

Outer Ring Saturday 3rd August cancelled

I was hoping to run an informal coaching session on Saturday but it is now apparent that we will not have safe access to the track on Saturday morning due to Pride celebrations. We must stress there is no complaint about the lack of access, we are not allowed to book the track on the…
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Bike for Sale – child or small adult

We have been donated a very nice Trek road bike which we wish to pass on to a club member, or a shorter adult who might be struggling to find a suitably sized road bike. This bike has 650c wheels, smaller than standard, which means it would suit someone around 5′ tall [150cm]. There is…
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Change of plan – to road bikes

Although the track still has the potential to be dry this morning, according to the Met Office, the incessant rain during the night make this look a slim likelihood. To manage the uncertainty we will bring forward the 10 mile TT planned for next week and so, it is best to be on your road…
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Outer Ring Saturday 27th July – track bikes

Although there is a chance of a damp track Saturday morning the plan, as agreed at the end of last Saturday’s session, is a pursuit session and so even if damp this session can go ahead safely. Thus Track bikes; probably the final track session this season as the track season is almost at a…
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Volunteer for the Brighton and Hove Triathlon

We are happy to pass on this message from Brighton and Hove Triathlon. I am contacting you from Brighton and Hove Triathlon in regards to our upcoming event, the Brighton & Hove Triathlon will take place on 14th – 15th of September. The event is a fun possibility to get fit by combining the three…
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Titanium road bike for sale

We are happy to promote for sale a bike from widely known local cycling enthusiast Katy. Katy is selling a little-used 2008 van Nicolas Euros (Titanium). Katy says: “Seatpost length: 50cm; horizontal top tube (it’s sloped) measurement also around 50cm. It has a longish stem which I did swap for a shorter one, but I’ve…
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Heras fencing needed

As part of our ground works near our containers we need to buy four Heras fencing panels to secure the site for the work and then to act as safety barrier to prevent falls from the wall beside the container. If any of you reading this knows where we might get some from we would…
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Strong backs needed next Saturday, 27th July

Many of you will be aware that we received a grant from the Pride Social Fund to lay a ramp and hard surface around our shipping containers. Parent of member Ben Tamplin, and past-member Anya Tamplin, Simon Tamplin has singlehandedly, but not alone, taken on the task of completing this work for us. A few…
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Outer Ring Saturday 20th July

With indifferent weather forecast there is a high chance of a sunny session, but wet track, and so we will commit to road bikes in advance. For this session please come with a fact about the Tour de France, past or present, that you would like to share.

Coffee and Cycling event

Our attention has been drawn to an event, on Saturday 13th July at Tonbridge Castle, which is free to attend [though you must sign up in advance] and features both coffee and cycling. La Marzocco are hosting an exciting coffee, food and drinks festival – “Out Of The Box” at Tonbridge Castle on Saturday July…
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