Brighton Excelsior

Stronger PPYCC riders are invited to join Alison and Anthony on the Brighton Excelsior social ride this Sunday. The weather does not look good so you will need to be self-sufficient to take part.

Bob Harber of Brighton Excelsior says


Meet as usual; Red Lion, Shoreham 0900. We go to Wisborough Green for Colette and Jenny’s refreshments (and a toilet stop). Then Kirdford, Bignor and Parham Park. It’s 64  miles.

There will be at least 2 groups, and there will be a speed to suit all riders.

BECC Autumn Ride Sunday 20 Oct 2013 Stage 2  Retrace 50m
Start: Red Lion Shoreham 0900 Left to Kirdford. In village take
90km; with FEED and TOILETS Left Glasshouse Lane to  A272 X-Rds where
Cross St Over CARE! into Kingspit Lane.
Stage 1 START Red Lion Shoreham Bear Left into Riverhill Lane to next jnc where
Cross Tollbridge V Sharp Left steep hill. To 1st R where
Cross A27. Pass Coombes and Botolphs to T-jnc Right into Little Bognor Lane. To A283 where
Left through Steyning, High St, Horsham Rd to A283 Right into A283 Egdean. Then soon
Cross L and R CARE! B2135 to Spithandle Lane where Straight on Haslingbourne Lane to X-Rds where
Left into Spithandle Lane to Wiston.  At T-jnc Left Shopham Bridge, to X-Rds where
Right thro’ Ashington village to Rbt where Straight over to Sutton to T jnc where
1st Exit B2133 sp Billingshurst to Cray Lane where Left to Bignor, where at top of steep hill (church)
Left to Thakeham village and T jnc where Left through village to T-jnc where
Right B2139 to West Chiltington Lane where Left to West Burton passing Roman Villa (on L).
Left to West Chiltington to X-Rds where Bear Left into West Burton Lane to 2nd Right in 1 mile
Right Broadford Bridge Road to T jnc where Right into Bignor Park Road to T jnc where
Left on B2133 to Adversane. A29 where Left into B2138 Tripp Lane to 1st Right where
Cross R and L CARE! on B2133 to A272. T jnc where Right into Waltham Park Road to A29 X-Rds where
Left on A272 over Bridge then Straight Over CARE! into Coldwaltham, Brook Lane, to Greatham.
Right on B2133 to Newpound Lane where Right at 1st turn, to Rackham,to junct where
Left to X-rds in Wisborough Green where Left, then soon Gates for Parham Park on Right
Left For TEA, CAKES, TOILETS 40km, 25 miles Through Gates Bridleway in Park SEE NOTE #
Exit Park Right onto A283 through Cootham
# NOTE on Parham Park Straight Over 2 Mini-Rbts into Storrington High St Where
There is a Public Right of Way through the Park, but near to the House the drive is not a Bridleway. Where the drive turns right to pass in front of Parham House, you could be asked to continue ahead on a footpath through grassland. This path emerges on the drive near exit gate. It is very rare for this to happen. Left at Mini-Rbt into B2139 School Hill to Mini-Rbt where
Straight Over to Mini-Rbt (SOON) where
Right of Garage into Rock Road where at 2nd Left
Left into Newhouse Lane; becomes Park Lane
Left at Warminghurst Church into Rectory Lane
Straight over jncs into Ashington Village to T jnc where
Right RETRACE ROUTE via Wiston, Spithandle Lane
Steyning, Coombes, Shoreham