Great all round ‘first’ bike for sale

PPYCC member Aidan Beattie is selling his Pinnacle Aspen 6 Speed 24 Inch Kids Bike. Pinnacle children’s bikes are for all-round use and maximising fun. They’re light and simple, ideal for parents who want small proper bikes that help children get the most out of cycling at an early age.

Quality aluminium frames keep the weight low, The small-block style BMX tyres for mixed-terrain riding. The bikes all use twin chain-plates to avoid derailed chains and parents with greasy-hands. Rear-only gears keep it simpler for learning the basics. Rigid forks are lighter than often-ineffective suspension and let us create a better geometry for children the BB is as low as possible and there’s less weight on the hands and a more confident steering feel. Brake levers are scaled right down and matched to midi-v brakes for a powerful brake action.

 £130 (£260 new) but are open to offers. Anyone interested can call Hannah on 07771511879.