News from past-member Felix English for current members of PPYCC part 1

Many of you will know of our past-member Felix English who continues his adventure as a professional bike rider in his team which he shares with fellow team mate Mark Downey. Felix has written to us to share some of his thoughts about his journey in cycle sport and to tell us about his plans for the future. We will share his story over the next few days. The first edition Felix sent on his 25th birthday whilst aboard a flight.

“I am currently sat on my flight from Mallorca to Berlin for the UEC European Elite Track Championships. It’s been an intense few months of training with little time for rest – a normal week consisting of around 20 hours training on the road, 5 hours training on the track, 4 hours in the gym and with the odd Wattbike session thrown in for good measure. However, as long and tough as it can sometimes seem I know it’s all worth it. I grew up in a small village just outside of Lewes but was fortunate enough to be introduced to PPYCC when I was 13 years old. I was told to go down and check out the Wednesday track league and after doing so, knew it was something I wanted to be a part of. I started off racing on my Dad’s old 1970’s steel road bike with toe-straps and football boots with the studs removed. Not the flashiest setup but it was enough for me to fall in love with the sport. Once the league was over, I started attending the Saturday morning sessions run by Anthony and was fortunate enough to have made great friends and learnt a lot.”