Preston Park Youth Cycle Club

Info for this weekend

It’s road bikes at both sessions this weekend. Please make sure to bring a drink and apply sunscreen before the session as it looks like being hot and sunny. Also remember to wear track mitts to protect your hands in the event of a fall. Looking at Outer Ring riders here. Just because it’s the…
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Track bikes this Saturday

Assuming the weather stays dry, this Saturday (2nd July) will be on track bikes. For those riders still seeking accreditation to race at SCRL Weds night track league we will be able to start/continue with their skills journey. Inner Ring riders – bring your track bike if you have one If you don’t have a…
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Free shoes and pedals

We have quite a few pairs of shoes available right now, including some recently donated in great condition, for those considering going clipless. There are both road and MTB shoes available and also a few pairs of clipless pedals too. These are in a box in the main bike container due to space limitations in…
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Upcoming regional youth races

Here are some upcoming regional races for your diaries around our part of the world. These are also in the PPYCC Google Calendar. Closed circuit races Hillingdon Slipstreamers Youth Summer Series #4 – Wednesday, 06 Jul 2022. Fourth race in a series of five, all age categories catered for. Guildford Town Centre Races 2022 –…
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Info for Saturday

Inner Ring this weekend will be on road bikes. Outer Ring will be on track bikes. Please bring drinks and snacks as always, and sunscreen if necessary. Please also remember (especially Outer Ring riders!) to wear track mitts, or you won’t be allowed to ride. We look forward to seeing everyone tomorrow 🙂

Help design the new velodrome mural

You may remember a few months back we announced the council were commissioning artists to create a mural across the back of the velodrome grandstand. PPYCC rider Rosie Camps attended the artist selection workshop along with members from the other clubs and communities that use the velodrome and fed back on the artist submissions, thankyou…
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Are you interested in coaching?

Do you enjoy watching your children cycling with PPYCC, and think you might want to join them with some coaching? Coaching the riders at PPYCC is a very rewarding experience, and we are looking for volunteers who would be interested in training to coach riders at the club, and join the coaching team for some…
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This weekend

It’s road bikes at both Inner Ring and Outer Ring sessions this Saturday. Forecast looks sunny, please use sun screen and bring drinks and snacks as always. To all those attending the Lee Valley session on Saturday afternoon we hope you all have a great time. An email went out to all parents earlier in…
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Weather update: both sessions are on

It’s never an exact science but the weather apps show the rain is clearing away from Brighton so both sessions are going ahead. Please do bring a waterproof jacket just in case though.

Road bikes and cycling gloves

Both Inner Ring and Outer Ring sessions will be on road bikes this weekend. Please remember to bring drink, snacks and apply sunscreen before starting the session. Please also ensure you are wearing cycling gloves to protect your hands in the event of a fall. A few Outer Ring riders have learned the hard way…
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