PPYCC club kit

PPYCC kit can be purchased direct via the club and then picked up from Rayments Cycles in Brighton (close to Preston Park) where our stock is held.

There are two types of kit:

Everyday kit (left) which is suitable for most riders.

Race kit (right) which is the more elite-level kit and was requested by our older riders who wanted higher quality, race-fit clothing.

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All of PPYCC’s club kit is made by Santini Cycling Wear. Santini is a brand with enormous cycling heritage. The instantly recognisable SMS logo has been seen on the shoulders of champions over the decades. Santini are one of the headline sponsors of the Vuelta and Tour Down Under supplying all the competition leader’s jerseys and they are suppliers of the official UCI kit as worn by World Champions in every discipline of the sport.


Everyday Jersey £30

Everyday Bibshorts £35

Race Jersey £60

Race Bibshorts £75

Skinsuit £110

Winter Jacket £70

Bibtights £65


Please see the Santini size guide:

Please note that Santini kit comes up quite small so unless the rider likes kit tight then we reccommend to go a size larger.

You may also notice in the Santini size guide that there is a size gap between the largest kids size (max 158cm) and the smallest adult (min 172cm). We do actually have smaller adult sizes available (XS and XXS) if needed.

How to buy

Step 1: Email your request to kit@ppycc.org.uk.

Please state the item and size that you would like to order.

Step 2: Pay for your order

We will check our stock inventory whether we have the item and size available and you will then be emailed payment details to pay remotely via bank transfer or Paypal.

Step 3: Receive your voucher and collect your kit

Once payment has been received then you will be sent a voucher to present at Rayments Cycles in Brighton, who will then release the kit to you. The voucher will indicate the name of the purchaser, the item purchased and a unique random code that Rayments will use to validate the purchase.

Exhanges and refunds

If the item doesn’t fit and there are alternative sizes available at Rayments then it is fine to take an alternative size, but you must let the club know via kit@ppycc.org.uk so that the stock list can be amended accordingly, otherwise club members purchasing kit in future may turn up to find what they ordered is not in stock.

If the item doesn’t fit and there is no correct size available then please email kit@ppycc.org.uk and we will arrange a refund on payment.

Other ways to get club kit

It sometimes seems that our riders grow almost as fast as they cycle! A lot of kit therefore changes hands between riders and parents, so if you would like to sell unwanted kit then please just ask around other riders and parents, or feel free to bring it down on Saturday mornings and hang it up on the railings where riders are arriving or leaving (we cannot be responsible for it though so please do not leave anything unattended).

Parents and riders are also encouraged to donate old, unwanted kit back to the club at our annual AGM, where we always have a sale table for second-hand kit which can be exchanged for a donation to the club.


Thank you very much to Stewie Martin for adminstering the kit inventory, Mark Beattie for managing payments and Rayments Cycles for holding our stock!