Hill Decent/climb session plan

Session Plan Hill Decent/climb

Coach: A Parle Date:8 April-05 Time:10am
Club:PPYCC Venue: Preston Park
Others involved in delivery: Bruce English Group age:under 10 Group ability: mixed Number in session:10
Session goals: By end of session improve both downhill and uphill cornering under competitive conditions. Equipment required: Cones stopwatch


  Safety considerations (before session): The session tracks place on tarmac road around public cycle. Need to check road surface, and be aware of other park users.
  Warm up: Cycle round track followed by ride to hill next to track. Plus easy stretches.






Main content:Use tarmac hill next to track with spaced small tree,

Course is about 250 meter with changing grade. Use cones so they known which side of tree to go round.

May need to add extra turn to slow them down

Demonstrate riding down the line to take going round the tree and not going 2 fast.

Start at top get some one to let them off one at a time (Chris) and time them on way down.

When all at bottom do a timed climb again weaving in and out of the tree

As we are at the top go down again

If anyone wants to go again let them

Coaching points:

l Check speed with brakes before each corner

l Try not to break during corner

l Assessment of corner

l Make sure you can stop at bottom

l When climbing better to stay in saddle may need to be out on steep bit.

Safety considerations (during session):Look out for other park users and dogs.

Don’t start next off till first finished and no one on course.

Make sure only go fast as feel safe with.

Cool downRide round track back to start Summary of session/feedback to riders:
Injuries/accidents: Evaluation/action: