Regional Schools of Racing

PPYCC nominates riders in Youth A and second year Youth B to take part in RSR sessions run by British Cycling talent coaches.

RSRs are discipline specific (e.g. road, track, CX, MTB) and riders should be the strongest available in terms of meeting the British Cycling recommended criteria. If no one is considered up to the standard then we will not make a nomination; this is often the case in RSR disciplines in which PPYCC is less active.

However, we have a strong track record in having riders accepted for road, track and cyclo-cross RSRs.

More on the British Cycling RSR webpage.

What to expect at an RSR

Izzy Stone wrote the following report of her second RSR:

“On the 8th of April I attended the second RSR. This session was at the Cyclopark in Gravesend, The conditions were warm for early April and fortunately the rain stayed away this time!

The size of the circuit is a great match to the 21 girls riding. The course at Cyclopark is wide enough for the less confident riders and tight enough when riders were added for some of the more challenging and technical parts of the day.

The day started off with an indoor workshop of goal and personal motivation setting, we were shown by Tim how to set them, taking in certain factors like, Specific, measurable, achievable, realistic and time based factors. These are called ‘SMART’ targets. My age group is also at an important period in school life regarding exams and mock exams, which must be taken into account while setting personal performance goals before the track season finishes. After the workshop we recapped and went over details from our previous RSR February session, from basic bunch skills, we started to focus on attacking, such as when and how to do it.

We looked at break aways and how to conserve energy most efficiently, We did this by using echelons and chain gangs. After developing these skills further we introduced more people into the group, to make the scenarios more live or race like. Finally we looked at quick acceleration and bridging gaps to a break away. To finish we split into two groups, when you were called you had to bridge the gap to the group of riders in front of you. I enjoyed the day and all the sessions were extremely useful to take forward into races and other scenarios at PPYCC.”