Author: Anthony Rogers

New changes to The Highway Code that affect us all

The Highway Code was updated starting last weekend and includes changes that should make walking, cycling and horse riding safer and thereby bring benefits to all road users. All PPYCC members and their families are recommended to read up on the changes and how they affect them when riding their bicycles. You can read more…
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Outer Ring does the Paralympics

At Outer Ring on Saturday 4th September we will consider what are the challenges and skills needed to be a Paralympic cyclist. You will be able to add further benefit to the session if you can name two British paralympians and there is extra kudos for naming one from a different nation. You will be…
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Do you value local cycle lanes?

Are you a young cyclist who cycles to school or college along the Old Shoreham Road cycle lanes? If so, please get in touch with Bricycles, Brighton & Hove Cycling Campaign as they’d like to hear from you and want to make sure that councillors understand how important the lanes are, ahead of an important…
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PPYCC monthly road rides start on 9th May

For riders 12 and older (with parental permission) we are offering guided road rides. Meet at the track ready to leave at 10.00am for a two hour ride. There will be no charge  but the nature of these rides is that a higher level of self-sufficiency is required. This means riders should be capable of safe return if…
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Which category should I race in for Track League?

There are two categories to race in at the Track League, Youth Major or Youth Minor, there is no separate category for girls or boys but there are prize categories for both at the season’s end. Youth Major U14 and 2nd Year U12 riders. This combines the age categories with a single female and a single…
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Outer Ring on Saturday 3rd is track bikes only

This Saturday and next (3rd and 10th April) are your opportunity to ride track bikes, either because you need to complete Accreditation as you are interested in track racing in the Wednesday Track League (starting Wednesday 14th April) or, just because you are up for some fun and a new experience. This is also for…
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Eight Miles Away project helping the homeless

We have been contacted by Anna Pryor who works at British Airways i360. During lockdown the British Airways i360 are exhibiting paintings by local artist Tony Mills, the paintings are visible to people passing by the i360 . Tony’s project, Eight Miles Away, is a series of paintings that he is going to silently auction…
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News of Past Members

It is a delight when our membership maintains their cycling activity after moving on from the club and, even more so when they keep us updated on their exploits. We have news of 5 past members who have maintained cycling as a central part of their lives, and we would like to share some of…
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Giro d’Italia riders from Preston Park

The Giro d’Italia is almost bookended by riders who have competed at the Preston Park omnium in years gone past. Can you work out who they are?

Review of The Highway Code

Why not support cyclists and pedestrians by contributing to the Government’s ‘Review of The Highway Code to improve road safety for cyclists, pedestrians and horse riders.’ It closes on 27th October so there are only a few days left. Chris Boardman, Manchester’s Cycling Commissioner, says that he agrees with all the proposals in the document…
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