PPYCC naming competition

We have a choice of heart rate monitor watch, or cycling T shirt, to give away as prizes for a naming competition.

Competition 1: Currently we have two club sessions on a Saturday morning called Earlier group and Later group. We would like better names, cycling related for these groups. Your names might reflect the way in which the sessions differ [fun, skills and racing for the Earlier group and racing and training for the Later group].

Competition 2: Our Earlier group has 3 groups identified by colours. Can you propose three names which have a cycling theme instead.


  1. Email your suggestions to anthony@ppycc.org.uk by Friday 6th June.
  2. You can enter one or both competitions.
  3. Suggestions have to be acceptable to the club committee which includes club members: Rahul Fortescue-Talwar, Isaac Wright and Josh Fanner.
  4. You do not have to be a club member to enter this competition.